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What ingredients are used, and what is the process behind our handmade soap?

Soap is the chemical result of fats (oils, in our case... and the occasional bacon fat) and lye (sodium hydroxide) mixing together. Some people are uncomfortable with the idea that lye, one of the most caustic chemicals around, goes into a product we

My soap is melting! What's happening?!?

This can be one of the most frustrating and horrifying experiences. You get this amazing handmade soap, you adore this amazing handmade soap, you treasure this amazing handmade soap, and ... then this amazing handmade soap starts melting into a mush.

What's the difference between milled and handmade soap?

The primary difference between our milled and handmade soaps is how they're produced!. Our handmade soaps are made in-house by our team. They are cold processed and require over 30 days to cure. These are made with softer oils (avocado, coconut, cast

How long does handmade soap last?

HOORAY! I'm so glad you asked! Because it really does depend on the proper use and storage of your beloved handmade soap. The quick answer is ... IT DEPENDS!. (A very unsatisfying answer, I know. But you can see the results of my experiment at the bo

Is the Hair and Body Wash a shampoo?

It is, but we don't recommend it for people with dry hair.

How well does outlaw's natural deodorant work?

Russ and I went to London and Paris during record-breaking heat waves in the past 2 weeks, and I only brought my Blazing Saddles deodorant to keep me stink-free. This means we walked for miles, rode public transportation, climbed hundreds of stairs -

What's the difference between solid cologne and spray cologne?

We get a lot of questions about what cologne is best, and honestly, it's all about personal preference. Here, we'll talk about the difference between our solid cologne and spray (or liquid) cologne. What is solid cologne? What are the benefits?. Soli

How did you learn to make handmade soap? / Can you teach me to make handmade soap?

We have watched hundreds of internet videos and read hundreds of recipes. If you're really into Soapmaking, the best resource for you is Modern Soapmaking. There's the Soapmaking Forum, Saponifier Magazine, and the Indie Business Network. There are u