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Shipping & Returns

How long does shipping take?

We get most orders out within 3 business days (unless it's a preorder or printed merch like t-shirts and mugs), and then the rest is kind of out of Outlaw hands. In our experience... Soap, Lotion, Solid Cologne, Body Wash, Beard Oil, Lip Balm, Deodor

We can't ship spray cologne internationally

Many of our international Outlaws are looking to get their hands on our spray cologne. Unfortunately, we can't ship spray cologne internationally at this time due to customs. We know this is a big disappointment to all of our Outlaws abroad, but we a

What countries do we ship to?

We ship to EVERY COUNTRY except Brunei, Malaysia, and Russia. Australia? Yes, mate!Canada? Yes, eh!Europe? [insert your local country's affirmative response here]!Abu Dhabi? We Abu Do!. Depending on global shipping conditions, international shipping

Where can I track the status of my order?

You can always check your order status on your account page (yet another reason signing up for an Outlaw account is so beneficial... the first reason being the Outlaw Gold program, which provides outsized incentives for long-time customers). We try t

I ordered something and it's neither my cup of tea nor is it my shot of whiskey. How can I get a refund?

Wipe that perspiration from your brow, my friend! Our refunds are absolutely no-sweat! Just visit our return center to get that process started. We'll either exchange or refund your order. Your happiness is our reason for starting this company, so if