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Can you help me with my business? / You have inspired me and I want to create a business just like yours! I'm not copying you, am I?Updated 2 years ago

Oof... Here's the thing... we want you to succeed. We really, really do. We try to help people self-actualize whenever we can. We answer questions, we post blog posts, and we record videos. Just recently, we got back from the Central Soapers Workshop where we gave a workshop on branding and sales.

We are open with our knowledge.

We don't ask much in return, but the only thing we do ask is that you not compete with us. If you start a business and make outlaw-themed soaps and lotions, we're going to be weird about it. We're going to feel sad about it. We're going to feel like helping people is actually hurting ourselves. We're going to become guarded and jaded about sharing knowledge in the future.

You may say that our business model and branding really resonates with you since you love western stuff and camping. You may also say that you would have gone that direction with your business anyways, even without our help. That may be true, and that's the price you pay for getting free advice from us.

If we help you with your business, consider it a non-compete contract with Outlaw Soaps.

This means you won't sell products that smell or look similar to ours, no matter where you are geographically located. You won't take products with our name or replicate business concepts we use.

If someone is asking you for a thing and you know we make it, we'd appreciate it if you would direct them to us. But at the very least, please don't compete with us.

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