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What do you mean by "Made in the USA"?Updated 2 years ago

The FTC has specific rules about what can be stated as "Made in the USA." In summary, "all, or virtually all, of the product must be made in the USA."

We endeavor to maintain honesty and transparency in our business because we know that is important to you. We have been systematically going through every product and determining the exact percentage of "made in the USA"-ness, to ensure compliance to the letter of the law.

All of our personal care products are assembled in the USA, and many are 100% made in the USA.

Whenever we can, we source our ingredients and materials directly from manufacturers in the USA. Our labels and soap boxes are made in the US. All our co-manufactured products are made in the US.

ALWAYS, without exception, we source our fragrances from reputable companies who manufacture in the USA, because we need the assurance that the fragrances are governed by the FDA, and we need the assurance that the fragrances contain only ingredients compliant with the Whole Foods standards for safety.

Because manufacturing has largely gone overseas, there are some components that just plain aren't made in the USA, anywhere, at any price. Coated enamelware, for example, is not available in the USA.

In other cases, components could potentially be sourced in the US, but at prices that are 2x or 3x the price of domestically made products. We weigh different options when we encounter this situation... for example, we're currently evaluating our spray cologne boxes, and having them made overseas is about 1/3 the cost of having them made domestically. So we're thinking outside the box! We're working on buying larger quantities of our ingredients to get our overall costs down so we can afford the more expensive US-made boxes.

We will always do our best to maintain integrity in our business operations and transparency in our business decisions. You might not always agree with the decisions we make, but we're straight shooters.

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