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I can’t manage my subscription or log into my subscription account

Oh, no! We're sorry you're experiencing technical difficulties while logging into your account. Those technology gremlins sure like fussin' with us! No worries, just follow these steps, and we'll have you back in your account in no time:. 1. Visit ou

Can I get one subscription box without signing up for a subscription?

No, sorry. The only way we can provide the kind of awesome products you find in your subscription box is by buying in bulk and never customizing anything. This means no one-offs.You can review our most popular subscription box offerings here.

How often do subscriptions ship?

Each subscription has its own frequency, and you can usually pick from several frequency options. If you ever find you have too much or too little, you can always adjust your subscription by going to your subscription account page.

Are there discounts on subscriptions?

No, no discounts apply to subscriptions (this even includes military/veteran/first responder discounts).