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How well does outlaw's natural deodorant work?Updated 2 years ago

Russ and I went to London and Paris during record-breaking heat waves in the past 2 weeks, and I only brought my Blazing Saddles deodorant to keep me stink-free.

This means we walked for miles, rode public transportation, climbed hundreds of stairs -- almost entirely without air conditioning -- and met total strangers (we were there for a long-delayed wedding of two dear friends, and we didn't know anyone at the wedding), and we had 100% faith in our natural, aluminum-free deodorant.

And it worked!

If you haven't give it a try, you absolutely should. It's magnificent stuff, even if you don't care about it being natural deodorant.

Truth be told, I care more about keeping stink-free than I care about being natural (vanity will be the death of me), so I was very dedicated to my Mitchum industrial strength antiperspirant until we found a formula that worked.

So if you love Outlaw scents but don't love the idea of swampy armpits that stink after 6 hours, we got ya.

Natural Deodorant Notes

Here's the thing: This deodorant is like a stick of hard paste. It doesn't exactly glide on, so hold it on your skin for a second or two to warm up the ingredients and enable an easier glide.

And another hot tip: It could take a couple weeks for your body to stop making as much sweat. I've done a little research as a formerly intense sweat-maker myself, and I learned that your body relies on sweat - particularly armpit sweat - to clear out toxins and cool you off.

Traditional antiperspirants use aluminum (yes, aluminum is the active ingredient in traditional antiperspirants) to suppress your body's ability to sweat. But your body needs to sweat, so your body keeps upping the ante on perspiration as you keep upping the ante on antiperspirants.

It's an under-arms race!

(I won't apologize for bad puns... you know who I am)

I didn't know this. When I first started using the deodorant, I was like, "I thought this was supposed to be better, but it's not better." And then I stuck with it for a few months, and now not only do I smell like Blazing Saddles, and I have the health-friendly confidence of natural deodorant, I also sweat much less over-all.

And that's worth a serious HIGH FIVE!

Try Outlaw's Natural Deodorants (which work for men or women): https://liveoutlaw.com/collections/natural-deodorant.

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