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My soap is melting! What's happening?!?Updated a year ago

This can be one of the most frustrating and horrifying experiences. You get this amazing handmade soap, you adore this amazing handmade soap, you treasure this amazing handmade soap, and ... then this amazing handmade soap starts melting into a mush. :-(

Handmade soap doesn't contain hardeners like commercial soaps, so they need to be treated a little differently. Even among other handmade soaps, our soaps are softer and therefore even more prone to mushing. It's because we use four different kinds of oils, and three of these oils are "soft" oils (liquid at room temperature).  We had to make the hard (soft?) decision to stick with a softer bar because we believe it provides an overall better experience, in exchange for using extremely moisturizing oils.

What does this mean? It means your soap needs to breathe. If you set it down on a flat surface or anywhere solid, air will not flow around the soap and it will goop into the surface. Blech.

If you get a soap dish that allows air flow around your soap, your soap will last for weeks and weeks. Ours last for months in the shower, because we have one of those handy caddy things.

We do happen to sell wood soap dishes that allow for optimal air flow around soaps here. We also include one with every new single soap subscription plan absolutely free. So if you love your handmade soap and want it to live forever, get your soap tray and enjoy its long life. :)

We also have milled soap, which lasts longer because it's made with harder oils and pressed with a mill.

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