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What's the difference between milled and handmade soap?Updated 2 years ago

The primary difference between our milled and handmade soaps is how they're produced!

Our handmade soaps are made in-house by our team. They are cold processed and require over 30 days to cure. These are made with softer oils (avocado, coconut, castor, etc.) and tend to have a stronger fragrance as a result. These are the cool, swirly-colored soaps you'll see in our ads.

On the other hand, our milled soaps are machine-made using a milling machine and are free of color. They're comprised of harder oils and a glycerin base, so they're longer-lasting than our handmade, but they do tend to be a bit less fragrant.

There's actually a blog post on this that goes into a little more depth; if you're interested, you can find it here

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