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What do you mean by "Made in the USA"?

The FTC has specific rules about what can be stated as "Made in the USA." In summary, "all, or virtually all, of the product must be made in the USA.". We endeavor to maintain honesty and transparency in our business because we know that is important

What do you mean by "cruelty-free"?

We're Leaping Bunny Certified, and kindness to animals has always been part of our company. We are general animal enthusiasts (dogs in particular), and we don't believe there's any reason to test on animals or use animal products in most of our produ

Our Ingredients Process

The Ingredients and Process Behind Our Handmade Soap. How Soap Is Made. Soap is the chemical result of fats (oils, in our case... and the occasional bacon fat) and lye (sodium hydroxide) mixing together. Some people are uncomfortable with the idea th

How safe are our ingredients?

Howdy partner!That is a great question, and we're so glad you asked!We believe in keeping our Outlaws clean, with cleanly made goods. Our products have been approved by Whole Foods for safety and cleanliness. We also care deeply about ethics in sourc

Can you help me with my business? / You have inspired me and I want to create a business just like yours! I'm not copying you, am I?

Oof... Here's the thing... we want you to succeed. We really, really do. We try to help people self-actualize whenever we can. We answer questions, we post blog posts, and we record videos. Just recently, we got back from the Central Soapers Workshop